Types of Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa classes include instruction on breath, movement and alignment building into variations of sun salutation, standing and balancing poses, sequencing postures into a flowing dance (vinyasa). Closing with a mixture of floor poses, inversions and deep relaxation.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a wonderful practice, it requires nothing of you, but to lie down, get comfortable and be still. It is beneficial for everyone and can be done at the end of physical movement or your yoga practice or as a stand alone experience, typically lasting for 20 to 45 minutes.

Yoga Nidra differs from meditation, where your mind stays focused allowing for thoughts, emotions and images to come and go. This is known as the Waking state. Yoga Nidra moves past the chatter of the Waking state and the fantasy of the Dreaming state, to go into Deep Sleep, yet remaining awake.

Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice, combining alert awareness with full relaxation, connecting with your deep consciousness, whilst healing the body.

Yin Yoga

The beauty of yin yoga is the simplicity. The practice of long, passively held, usually floor poses, is deeply nourishing. Lengthening and releasing the connective tissue and fascia around the joints, enhancing natural range of motion. Ending with a long guided relaxation, allowing the body and mind to enjoy the release of tension from the practice.

The power of yin is time not effort
— Paul Grilley

Restorative Yoga

The pace of life is fast and our minds move fast as well, leading to over simulation of the nervous system.  The result can be ending up  feeling easily overwhelmed, tired, with a racing mind. This can lead to be more sickness and health problems.  Restorative yoga is a completely supported yoga practice, there is no muscular contraction involved inviting the body to be gently stretched and remove tension.  You use bolster, blankets and blocks to hold you in the posture, floor based.

Practicing restorative Yoga is a great help to anyone who is chronically ill, or recovering from some injuries or just to get some beautiful balance with rest and relaxation of mind and body.