Yoga Videos



Vinyasa Flow Class

A vinyasa practice with emphasis to building heat in the body, through sun salutations variations. Steady, but not rushed rhythmic flow with direction in alignment includes an optional arm balance for more challenge. Open to all levels with some challenge.
In our modern fast paced society the expectation is to keep going, "to push through" and there is not enough equal recovery time between stimulus, leading to a heightened state of chronic stress. How can mindful, breath and body based movements within yoga help you de-stress?

De-Stress Yoga Class

Grounding, gentle, fluid breath based movements to help unlock patterns of tension in body and strengthen the mind body relationship. Suitable for all levels to de-stress

Quietening Evening Practice

35 minutes gentle practice, finishing with a guided relaxation. Perfect to release tension at the end of the day before bed particularly if you have been seated for long periods during the day.

Core Fire Series

Focus on strengthening the abdomen area and stimulate energy there. Not suitable if you are pregnant or back issues.