Yoga Instruction

I run weekly yoga classes at Central Wellness and the surrounding area. Please check the Class Schedule for my up to date class list.

Over the last 10 years I have taught many different groups, from beginners through to advanced level, prenatal, kids, chair yoga and restorative yoga.  I encourage each student to feel empowered and  inspired through a combination of physical movement, breath and meditative practices integrating creative sequencing and safe alignment.  

I have experience with different conditions such as Parkinson, MS, Fibromyalgia either in a group setting or privately, dependent which is most suitable for you.

Yoga is the perfect way to begin or end your day, ease away all your stress and tension.

Yoga is for everyone, regardless of age, size, or shape. It is non-competitive, self-paced, and sensitive to your body's needs

Private Yoga Instruction

Private lessons are customised to support your individual goals and style including individually paced breathing, movement and relaxation. One on one instruction allows you to progress at your own pace.

  • Develop a home practise
  • Alignment correction
  • New levels of Awareness
  • Breath work (Pranayama)

Read more on my Private Instruction Page


Restorative Yoga Practice

Restorative yoga combines yogic breathing, gentle warm-ups and restorative postures with guided deep relaxation to reduce stress and increase movement and vitality. Sessions are designed exactly for your needs.

  • It allows you to rest while still creating space in your body
  • Increases circulation and respiratory capacity
  • Gently opens key areas of the body, especially the chest and shoulders
  • Helps you come into a meditative state and calms your nervous system and mind
  • Balances hormones and emotions
  • Boosts the immune system